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This Resource Center is open to developers who are currently undergoing the #HNGInternship program and are using our Rave and Moneywave APIs. You’re welcome to ask questions or post about your experiences while the program is ongoing and after it has been completed.

Developers who are curious about the #HNGinternship are also welcome to read posts and ask questions :slight_smile:



Thanks for opening a forum that allow expression of experience why using the API service. first i had mine own test project build on nodeJs platform, i tested the deposit to wallet method and i got an error response, such as: **

unauthorized access.

** what might be the cause for such error ?



Hello @delino12

In order to make calls to the Moneywave API endpoints, you need to be an authorized user, that means you need to have an API key and secret key which you will use to generate a token.

This token is passed into the headers of all calls as Authorization.

Find link to our documentation page where this is further explained: http://moneywave-doc.herokuapp.com/index.html#authentication.

If you have any other issues, we will be Glad to help you resolve it.