Ask Me Anything with Ridwan Olalere


Hello! Welcome to our first AMA with Ridwan Olalere - Engineering @ Flutterwave.

Ridwan will answer questions on Monday, September 4th at 11 am. The AMA will end at 11:45am.

You’re welcome to start asking him questions and he’ll answer as much as he can on Monday.

We look forward to having you on our forum and learning more about Flutterwave and our people :heart:



Hi Ridwan,

Just wondering what is the difference or relationship between and ?

I already have a flutterwavedev account, is there any way I can tie that account to ravepay? I assume ravepay is just a plug and play interface over the former.

I would also like to know that charges on ravepay. It is not stated on the website.

Thank you

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Hi Ridwan,

What does it take to get a job @ Flutterwave as a developer? e.g is previous payment domain experience needed?

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  • Rave is an improvement over the Flutter API and makes development more easy
  • Charges as below
    Local Fee - 1.4% + NGN 50.00
    International Fees - 3.5%
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Hi Ridwan,
What’re the distinction between flutterwave, moneywave and ravepay ?


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Hi Ridwan,
I have an online shopping website:
It is up and running, but please how do I integrate flutterwave payment gateway into the site for users to use it for online payment before delivery or after delivery instead of cash payments.
Thank you.



Can we start with questions now ?



Hello Ridwan,

  1. What’s the tech setup like at Flutterwave. What stack do you use for your products and if you can, what factors influenced the decisions behind each.

  2. What’s the most challenging engineering problem you have had to solve at Flutterwave?

  3. What’s engineering security like at Flutterwave?

  4. What’s the current engineering size at Flutterwave?



I have a business that requires my clients pay me 50% upfront, 50% after goods are delivered. How can I configure Rave for my model?



Hey how’s it going Ridwan…
Specifically, how is Flutterwave different from Interswitch?



Yes boss, please start.



Hi Ridwan,

What are rave’s plans for integrations into third party services, I currently use Zoho to send invoices to my clients but I want them to start paying directly on the invoice sent.

I would also like to know if you have plans for any plug and play payment invoice solution on rave, I am using Rave on my site and for some reason, my customer is complaining that modal doesn’t open I would like to send him an invoice asap so he can pay and I can deliver service.

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Hi Ridwan, which of Flutterwave’s products can a non techy guy set up and use to accept payments real quick



Yes you can!
Ridwan will begin to answer questions shortly



I want to learn programming, how do I go about it ?



Hi Desola,

What you need is Payment is powered by the Flutterwave API.

I hope it meets your needs.




Thank you Aayan for asking this question.

Ravepay is a simple payment gateway for accepting payments easily.

Advantages of using Ravepay:

  1. Rave pay is so simple to use, you can complete integration in an hour if you know what you are doing.
  2. Customer card details are secure and do not go through your web server
  3. Ravepay comes with a lot of plugins for e-commerce solutions to ease your payment needs.
  4. No PCI DSS certification is needed by the websites/startups using ravepay.

Ravepay charges merchant 1.4% + N50 naira for local cards.



Hi Sam,

At Flutterwave, we are always hiring developers.

To join Flutterwave as a developer, you need to have the technical skills required by the team you will like to join but more importantly be culturally fit. Some of the cultural values of Flutterwave include integrity, hard working, a sense of ownership and duty, ability to work in a team and more.

If you are seriously interested in joining us then you can start by joining our developer slack here and reach out to our love Modupe.



You can use Ravepay which is available here



Hello Ridwan,

I have an e-commerce website and i’d like to receive payments online and from my customers in person (pay on delivery) does flutterwave have anything that can help me?

I’m very interested in the two solutions - online and offline syncing in real time for my records.