Beneficiary Name is Required when initiating a transfer

A beneficiary Name is Required when initiating a UGX mobile money transfer.

account_bank: ‘MPS’,
account_number: ‘256782033409’,
amount: 2000,
currency: ‘UGX’,
beneficiary_name: ‘Martin Kabagambe’,
narration: ‘Mobile money payout’,
meta: {
sender: ‘Panza’,
sender_country: ‘UG’,
mobile_number: ‘256705126596’
status: ‘success’,
data: {
id: 50790587,
account_number: ‘256788084557’,
bank_code: ‘MPS’,
fullname: ‘N/A’,
date_created: ‘2023-05-19T10:57:25.000Z’,
currency: ‘UGX’,
amount: 2000,
fee: 1000,
status: ‘FAILED’,
reference: ‘d88ea97865920eaf’,
meta: [Array],
complete_message: ‘beneficiary_name is required’,
requires_approval: 0,
is_approved: 1,
bank_name: ‘N/A’

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Tumuhimbise_Godwin :wave:

Thanks for sharing this experience,

Kindly note that the “beneficiary_name” parameter is a required parameter for mobile money transfer. You can find more information here.

That wasn’t the cause of the error.
For some reason, the flw typescript SDK could not pass the beneficiary_name. It worked just fine when I called the API directly using Axios.

Hi @Tumuhimbise_Godwin

Kindly confirm the SDK you are currently using, or share the link to the GitHub repository of the SDK you are using to make this call.


“flutterwave-node”: “^1.2.2” Flutterwave/Node-v2
@types/flutterwave-node”: “^1.0.1” Flutterwave Types

Hi @Tumuhimbise_Godwin

I apologise for the inconvenience,

Kindly make use of the Node-v3 library as mobilemoney transfers are currently unavailable on the Node-v2 library.

Thank you @Adekunle :smile:

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