Creating a White-label Subdomain Feature


Hi , I am interested to offfer ravepay to my customers under the whitelabel subdomain feature.
how do i go about to registering for that?



The subdomain feature is a whitelabel solution that allows you to offer Rave as a service to your customers. When you create a subdomain account, you can sign up your clients on the subdomain url and manage their accounts, also giving them reports on their transactions.
On setting up the subdomain, you can add your own markup fee such you get own cut on the subdomain transactions carried out about your clients.
On your rave dashboard, click on Account Add-ons and enable Subdomains. Once it is enabled, the Rave Subdomain will appear on the sidebar menu of your dashboard, click on settings and configure your subdomain account under + New Subdomain.
You can offer the subdomain url to your clients to sign up.