We are getting “DISBURSE FAILED: Insufficient funds in customer balance” error for bulk transfer requests on staging. And we can’t fund the NGN balance in test mode.

@Adekunle Please your attention is needed

HI @M_1

Thanks for Choosing Flutterwave.

My name is Abraham Jesulayomi Olaobaju.

Please kindly share your Test Merchant ID.

Thank you for the response @Abraham_Olaobaju1 . It’s 100106316

@Adekunle your attention is also need.

Hi @Abraham_Olaobaju

Apologies for the inconvenience

Your test balance has been funded. Kindly, confirm and retry the transaction above

Thank you @Adekunle

But the #20,000 is so low. I should be able to fund the testing balance as need. Why the restriction?