Duplicate biller_name, item_code, biller_code in Bill Payments

to create Create a bill payment, parts of the required fields is the type, which according to the documentation, should contain data.biller_name from the Bill categories endpoint, there are biller_name which are duplicates for different bills eg Tithes which is the same for Christ Embassy, House on the rock and winners’ chapel, same for offerings, MTN VTU and many others

Also, the item_code has a lot of duplicates, we have 4 items with item_code AT099.

How do we uniquely distinguish which bill item is being paid for if your documentation says the parameter ‘type’ is used to identify the item being paid for, and this has multiple entries with the same type value

Has this API been tested or currently used at all? Also the link in the documentation to submit a question or bug is not working