Er_con_count_error too many connections

Good day, I’m using the standard integration using nodejs sdk and I’ve been testing my integration which has been going great but then I stumbled upon this error some minutes ago, “er_con_count_error too many connections” and I haven’t come across that error in all my testing.

Anything I can do about that?

Yes even I have noticed the same.

I noticed the error too a couple of hours ago on my test integration, hence the googling. I went back and tried the good old off/start solution and things are fine now. Test payment went through. But it will be nice for FW to tell us why that may have happened.

Hello everyone :wave:t4:,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the team. They have been very important to help us scope and resolve the issue.

Over the last couple of days, we have taken a critical look at our testing environment and are working to improve it for you. The issue reported has been resolved.

We want to encourage you to keep sharing your feedback and experiences with the team.

Thank you.

ER_CON_COUNT_ERROR: Too many connections is happening again, can you check on it?