Error while calling Virtual card api

Hello team,

i keep getting error while calling virtual card creation API. My merchant ID is 100083566. See error message and payload below:

“status”: “error”,
“message”: “Please enter a valid currency”,
“data”: null


Kindly investigate and assist to resolve.

Thank you

Hi @echelon_umeh :wave:

Thank you for sharing this experience with us,

After reviewing the error message and the payload you provided, it seems that the issue was caused by passing the request data as query parameters instead of body parameters. To resolve this, I will recommend that you retry the request by passing the data as a JSON object in the request body, as indicated here.

Thank you @Adekunle . i changed to JSON as recommended and i got an insufficient fund error. Kindly advise on how i can fund my wallet on test mode to issue the card. i actually saw some test account numbers to fund, but how can i actually fund them in test mode. i am aware that for live mode, i can use my bank app to fund. But test mode is tricky. Please advice. Thank you

Dear @Adekunle Kindly fund my test account with enough money so i can integrate the card api.

Counting on your swift response.

thank you

Hi @echelon_umeh

Your Test account has been funded successfully,

Kindly confirm if you received the test funds

@Adekunle i have received it. Many thanks

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