Flutterwave Inline - Maximum Card Test & Failing to save customer details

Hi FL,

Am trying to integrate Flutterwave Inline into my codeigniter 4 App. Here are my questions:-

  1. What are the maximum testing limits for the card payment. I keep getting an error “Charge amount exceeds the limit for this transaction”

  2. Am trying to save payment details back into my Db. However, the Customer details (name, email, phone_number) keep bring the error “$email is not valid property”.

From my $reqData = $this->request->getJSON();
I tried saving them as from

  • $requestData->customer_email, $requestData->customer_name, $requestData->customer_phone_number

or as

  • $requestData->email, $requestData->name, $requestData->phone_number

Advance please.

Thank you

Hi @Lwegaba_J_Bernald :wave:

Thank you for sharing this experience with us,

I would like to inform you that when it comes to single card transactions (collection), the charge amount can vary depending on the currency used. However, if you’re using Naira (NGN), you can be assured that the minimum amount is just NGN10, while the maximum amount you can charge in test mode is NGN50,000.

Furthermore, based on the information you’ve provided, I assume that you’re updating your Database from the returned object that you received from the transaction verification endpoint (see sample payload here) or through the Webhook (see sample payload here).
However, you can easily get the name, email, and phone_number in the object returned from “data.customer.name”, “data.customer.email”, and “data.customer.phone_number” respectively.

Thank you @Adekunle for the response.

On the limit i was asking was on the TESTING CARD. Seems had reached the limits of testing with visa card provided.

Got error that showed had used bigger amount yet was using the same.

For transaction verification points, the links are helpful.

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