How can RAVE help my business?


Hi, I am a small business owner and I’ve heard some pretty cool things about Rave.

I sell hand made engagement rings and I have a website. How can Rave help my business become more attractive to new and potential customers?



Let me just drop a small comment
Actually Rave is mainly about helping your customers make payment easily and with great user experience.

you may need the following to get the best out of rave

  1. Do you have a website ?
    a.if Yes you will need to intergrate rave payment on your porducts so client can buy anywhere anytime
    b, if No may need to create on cool site for that purpose
  2. Need a strong social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter )
  3. Classified site will also help try to post on (OLX, JIJI etc)
  4. Create Adverts on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Googleword ) to promote your site


Meanwhile if you need further help. you may contact me on 08078422238
or my linked in address at Awonuga Sherif