In test mode, gateway starts redirecting to a webview after test card details are entered


I’m getting a redirect to a webview while in test mode for test payments using Mastercard and VISA card.

This used to happen with VISA, started happening with Master Card this morning.

Not usable in this way. Could someone test and confirm and fix?

Hello Digitalcraft,

The webview you get re-directed to, is a mock to show how Visa card’s work, Visa uses the VBV (verified by visa) model you can read more about 3DSecure authentication here, which involves your customer getting redirected to a bank page to enter their iPIN and OTP, we mock the input and redirection flow using the webview that asks you to enter 123456 as your OTP.

You are most likely getting the same view for MasterCard because it is an international MasterCard.

If you use any of our test local MasterCards i.e. MasterCard issued in Nigeria, you should be asked to enter your pin on the same modal without getting redirected.

Hi Temi,

Thanks for the response. However, the redirection is also happening for local test Mastercards.

Test MasterCard

cvv 789
Expiry Month 09
Expiry Year 19
Pin 3310
otp 12345

Please kindly test and confirm.

Hi @temi,

Please do you have any update on this?

Helllo Francis,

Please can I have a link to your test integration, so I can test over here, I can’t seem to replicate the error.


Unfortunately, I can’t share a link as it’s in a mobile app.

Hi Sir,

i used the above test card and also two more test card used.

test card
card number : 5531886652142950
expiry month 09
expiry year: 32
cvv : 564
otp : 12345
pin : 3310

api name :

params : {“PBFPubKey”:“FLWPUBK_TEST-84cb02bce2d5eeb1ffb7b64208e40e80-X”,“alg”:“3DES-24”,“client”:“OUP4p6h8HlbA5e8pja9iaD4X8MTA4Ig71lonbKF+IPNoPRcagbRc+0J9hqbzDZsZORMq5rxZAumo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\nvTKNt6btoh5qQ7hA3zjisT2+5Zo=\n”}

Response: 400 Bad Request

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Merchant cannot accept international payments at this time. Please contact support”,“data”:{“code”:“NO_INTL”,“message”:“Merchant cannot accept international payments at this time. Please contact support”}}

my functionalities

new RaveUiManager(this)
.setMeta(arrayListOf(Meta(“Test value 1”,“Android”)))
.setNarration(“Payment for booking id : $bookingId”)

Thank you.