Integration Error: We could not charge this card

Hi, I am still in the testing phase using my testing credentials and I keep getting this error:
“We could not charge this card. Reason: You have exceeded your cummulative limit”

Funny thing is, it worked the first time I tested it, but trying again produces the error? What could be the reason, I have tried all the test cards. I cannot get past the credit-card authentication step.

Hello @Bertha_Kgokong :wave:t4:

Thanks for sharing your experience with the team. Kindly share the name of your account and your Merchant ID.

We’ll remain on standby for your details.

Please am having almost the same issue. The message am getting is “We could not charge this card. Reason: ERROR”. but when am in test mode, everything works fine

Pls help, am getting this error too while using the test mode.

Pls I would like to know how you sort this out.