International payment declined

HI there, we having issues receiving international payments, it says merchant cannot accept international payments at this time, kindly look into this.
Merchant ID: 00692972
Business Name: CLP Legal

Hi @Damilola_Oyewole

Thank you for sharing this experience

The error message gotten indicates that your account requires Compliance approval for International Card collections.

In addition to the information provided above,

  • Kindly provide a valid URL to your website,
  • A short description of what you do (merchant), and
  • The reasons for us to enable the int’l cards.

I will remain on standby for the following information

What we do: We are legal practitioners providing legal services.
Reason: A client is trying to make payment for our services.

The process will kickstart right away and I will subsequently update you on the progress.

Thank you Adekunle, I will be on standby for your update.

Hi @ Adekunle, is the process now completed?

@ Adekunle,
I am still waiting for an update from you.

HI @ Adekunle, I am yet to hear from you as regards the process initiated since Friday, kindly advice on the way forward.


Hi @Damilola_Oyewole

I apologise for the inconvenience,

This is still in progress

Hi @ Adekunle

Can I have a time line for completion?

So I can advice client accordingly.

Hello @ Adekunle.

I still wait to hear from you.

Hi @Damilola_Oyewole

This should be resolved before the weekend

HI @ Adekunle.

would I get a notification once this is completed?

Hi @ Adekunle,

Kindly provide update on the ongoing Compliance approval for International Card collections.


Hi @Damilola_Oyewole

I apologise for the inconvenience,

The approval process is very much still in progress and the account is currently undergoing further review.

I will duly send an update this week once this has been resolved.

Hi @ Adekunle.

Thanks for the update, is there no way this process can be achieved much earlier, our client that wants to make payment is now having a good excuse for not paying up.