International Payment

Hello , I have created account, I want to know if can be able to receive international payment (dollar) from customers outside Nigeria using credit card and debit card, if yes how do i go about it.Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

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Yes you can to find out how to embed the rave payment button on your site or product, please use this guide:

You can accept international payments by setting the currency on your button to USD e.g. data-currency=“USD” or for getpaidSetup currency: “USD” and set your country to NG data-country=“NG” or country: “NG”.

I realized that the default Currency is NGN, am changing the currency on the fly to another one like USD but it is still reflecting NGN.

I want my users to pay in both USD and NGN with their cards.

I cannot process dollar payment on a website i integrated rave pay on.

Could you please confirm what country code you are passing for your USD transaction. This error message usually occurs when a wrong code is used.

Hi there I am using the Shopify plug in, i am having the same issue. My clients are complaining about this. Where would you check what country code is being passed through?

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and my the country codes that are passing are var x_country = “ZA”;
var x_currency = “USD”; but im not able to change as this is from shopify plugin and i dont have access to change the source in order to hardcode it.

Hi @Juanito_D_Kels

Can you try this Shopify Plugin

i installed it but i don’t know what must i do? Is there certain steps /setting i must perform? Will this help in fixing my problem?

I m having issues receiving international payment on my payment link, how do i rectify it

I have a business account which international payment is enabled, ive worked hard and payed for ads and influencers so that i can expand my coverage. Now ive started getting customers but international payments have been disabled for no reason. I contacted support, they requested for my documents which i provided, but international payment is still not active, now it kinda looks like im not serious in front of my customers. So why then enable international payment for me to spend so much on ads? Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

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Hello @JEFFERSON_TWUM :wave:t4:,

We deeply apologise for the experience.

Kindly share your merchant ID so we can review your account.

The team would remain on standby for your response.


Am having issues receiving international payments, How do I enable my API for international payments
My Clients from Abroad cant make payments why?

MY MERCHANT ID IS - 00751318



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My Merchant ID: 00871185

Please I am having issues receiving International payments. Merchant ID: 3260183. I’ll be glad if someone can assist me ASAP.

Hello House ,
Please we are trying to integrate receiving payment in ZAR currency and we keep getting the above payment error , kindly assist

Bro did u get solution

i am having this problem when I try to process payment.

Hi @Onu_Atabo Please kindly share your payload

Hello what is going on with my account all my card transaction are falling not even getting the failure message but pending payment and my customers get card not enrolled for 3d secured payment all my customers not even one out of 60 customer Merchant ID: 100117930.