Invalid Biller selected response

Hello, I was trying to purchase Airtel Data Bundle using the API but it given me this response (Invalid Biller selected).
Below is my postdata and params. What am I doing wrong

$postdata = [
‘country’ => ‘NG’,
‘customer’ => $a_number,
‘amount’ => $a_amount,
‘recurrence’ => ‘ONCE’,
‘type’ => ‘BIL110’,
‘name’ => ‘BIL110’,
‘biller_code’ => ‘BIL110’,
‘is_airtime’ => false,
‘country’ => ‘NG’,
‘biller_name’ => ‘BIL110’,
‘reference’ => uniqid(time())

Hi @syntaxbyte :wave:

Thank you for reaching out to us,

The request payload above is an invalid payload which resulted to the error you got.

Airtime bill payment only requires you to pass the country, customer, amount, and type, as the mandatory properties, and recurrence, reference, and biller_name as the optional properties.

Note: The biller_name property is only required for Ghana airtime bills.

You can check here for a sample request payload.

Endeavour to reach out if you have question.

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