Issues with bill purchase on test mode

Attempting to purchase bills on test mode returns the following error

    "status": "error",
    "message": "Insufficient funds in your wallet",
    "data": null

The request body is as follows

    "country": "NG",
    "customer": "0025401100",
    "amount": "5000",
    "recurrence": "ONCE",
    "type": "DSTV Access",
    "reference": "{{$randomBankAccountIban}}",
    "biller_name": "DSTV"

It makes use of the test data provided on this page Testing

I also cannot seem to find a way to topup balance on test mode

HI @Oshosanya_Michael

Thanks for contacting Flutterwave!

My name is Abraham, and I will be helping you today.

please kindly share your test account merchant ID so your account can be funded. in the meantime you can also go thought a sample of this request here.

Best Regards


@Abraham_Olaobaju The test merchant ID is 00118958. Please fund it as largely as possible so I don’t have to come back. Massive thanks

Gentle reminder @Abraham_Olaobaju