Kenyan Frontend Scholarship

I am giving out free Wes Bos and courses on JavaScript, React.js and Node.js to 15 developers. This scholarship is only available to Kenyans and targeted to developers who want to get better in JavaScript, React and Node.

Here are possible courses to win:

  1. – JavaScript: Getting Started with JavaScript
  2. Wes Bos – React for Beginners
  3. – Getting Started with Vue (Launching in few days)
  4. Wes Bos – Lean Node

Other perks include:

  • A slack team of experienced engineers to ask questions
  • Learn to build world-class apps while peer-coding
  • Auto-RSVP to Feb-March upcoming developer events in Nairobi, Kenya


  1. Join this forum
  2. Join this slack for QAs concerning the scholarship
  3. Build a dead-simple JavaScript web app that integrates Rave for accepting payments. You can get started with Rave using the Sandbox here
  4. Complete this form to submit your application:

Asking for Help:

  • We are happy to answer questions related to what you are building on the Rave category via this forum.

Submission ends on the 1st of February, 2018. The list of the winners will be released on the 6th of February, 2018.


  1. Flutterwave


  1. Codebeast
  2. William