Merchant not enabled for Rave v3

I am using the flutterwave plugin for flutter, I am running the app live, when I enter card details and submit, I get the error “Merchant not enabled for Rave v3” for a visa card.

Bro are you sure this platform is active, i don’t know why flutterwave choose to disable the discuss forum on this is frustrating me already. I couldn’t make payment with my Virtual cards, deleted it created another still thesame issue and the support is currently no where to be found.

your good information and good question but i am not idea.

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Having the same challenge… How to solve it please?

Also encountering the same issue when I switched the account to ‘live’ mode, does anyone have a solution for this?

Hello @Emmanuel_Adex ,

We are very sorry that you had to experience this. The team is working very hard to improve your experience with the APIs.

In the interim, can you confirm if this is still happening in your app?

We would remain on standby to help.

Hello @Jairos_Nyirenda @Daniel_Musinguzi :wave:t4:

This error is a result of the regulatory requirements needed to use the card charge endpoint on v3. In the prod environment, we expect users to have PCI DSS certification to prove that they adhere to industry standards for security and proper handling of card details.

This should not deter you. You can still make use of our Card collection method via our Inline and Standard methods (check the links to the docs for more details).

Let me know if you have any follow up questions.