Moneywave Pricing


Please i will like to know the pricing for transactions on Moneywave.

Hello @Godsw

Please Find answer below:

  • Card to Account - This comprises of the card transaction processing fee (1.4% of the amount to charge + N10) and payout to bank account fee (N45); So the fee is 1.4% + N10 + N45.

  • Account to Account - Only Payout to bank account fee will apply; So the fee is N45 / N50K.

  • Card to Wallet - Only Card transaction processing fee will apply; So the fee is 1.4% + N10.

  • Account / Internet Banking to wallet - No Fee will apply for these.

  • Wallet to Account - Only Payout to bank account fee will apply; So the fee is N45 / N50K.


Hi @Gondy

Wallet to Account :- what if the money is not up to N50k. How much will be charged?

Hello @Mayomi

The range is from 0 - N50K, the same amount will be charged. The N45 charge is per N50K, meaning 0 - N50K = N45, 0 - N100K = N90 in that order.


Does that mean we will only be paying for Payout Charge of N45 / N50K.? With Internet Banking


Yes, you will only pay the fee to disburse to account if you fund your wallet via Internet Banking.

I want to understand the fee structure clearly.
if i want to transfer fund to another bank account from my card, my fee is still N45 for funds less than or equals 50k.

  1. if i should fund my wallet with anything less than 50k, i would be charge N45 and the money remains in my wallet.

Am i going to be charged extra N45 for transferring cash to bank via my funded wallet (Which i was already charge N45 when paying with my card)?

if yes, then my total charge = N90 (from card to wallet, from wallet to bank).

Please enlighten me.