Moneywave transaction Validation

Hi everyone, requests to charge and validate transfers seems to take quite a while, with validate requests taking as much as 40 seconds. Am i doing something wrong?

what product is this, rave or moneywave?

I am using moneywave

I also have the same problem. Is there anything we should be aware of when charging with moneywave?

Are you guys still on the test enviroment? or are you live?

I am currently live and not in the testing environment

when did u start noticing the delay. It should normally respond in seconds

“Its has been like this for weeks now. It usually takes longer when validating otp for mastercard.
I tried sending the validation request (with a random otp) manually so I could time it and it took 21 seconds”

Everything seems fine on this part, have you tried again recently… and also check your connection

"A transaction was done recently and it took while. Note this is done a remote server on aws so network is definitely not an issue. I recorded the time taken immediately before and after the statement to ‘’ with valid parameters and it shows 54.9945 seconds was taken which is quite a while.

card= Mastercard
ref= THRI/FLW71056358

Can you help?"

also the time was recorded in code (time.time() before and after and then subtracted) not from browser

currently we are getting an average of 24secs at the moment, and this is largely dependent on the bank. I advice you use rave for collections as this product is more suited for that

thanks for the feedback. We tried that but our use case is one where we are not the final merchant. We need to be able to have the payments pass through us and then settle to different final receivers while leaving a commission in our wallet. This does not seem to be possible with Rave.

"there are a few ways you can achieve this

  1. Collect payments to a central account and then disburse to merchant accounts (Keep in mind fees for disbursement)"

Ok… We went through this with one of your colleagues previously and learnt that we could only disburse to one account… Can you point is to some documentation that shows us how to disburse to multiple accounts?