Passing Rave Compliance

My brand deals mostly with SMEs/Emerging businesses.
It was hard enough that I had to make all my clients get CAC certificate, (Even a small trader who just wanted to go online, I had to make her get.)
Now for going live on your platform I see the following:

  • OPERATING LICENSE DOCUMENT (It’s not compulsory so it’s fine)
    Honestly, I myself DO NOT know those documents from Number 2 to 4.
    They look like documents the bank requested from me when i opened a corporate account months ago and I remembered telling them I don’t have those documents and it still got opened (GTBank).
    Now my MAIN question aside not knowing what those documents are is: What do we do in a case like this?
    Most of my clients don’t have those documents (Even we personally don’t have them). And they are marked as compulsory.
    Most have only CAC CERTIFICATE and a corporate account with the same name.

what is your company’s name?
2. Are you a limited liability or business name?
The truth is that business name requires certificate, and ID card. There’s usually a form usually given to these businesses from CAC.
We require these documents to ensure that we deal with only legitimate businesses.
I would paint a scenario here:
If I register a company on a platform with correct company name and stolen certificate how can that be verified?
We request form C02 & C07 basically for the reason stated above.
C07 is particulars of director(s) i.e. Valid means of ID
C02 is allotment of shares.

What about air dropping? how do we get approval for compliance?