Payment link api integration issue

Hello, We have issues with integrating the flutterwave payment link api. Below are the following details…

  1. API endpoint

  2. Error message

  3. merchant name: Masango banq

  4. merchant id: 100120848

  5. how we are making this api request.

This is the error message below 👇

{status: error, message: Unable to fetch bank list from Provider, please contact support. Error ID: PRVDR04-1678681858552, data: null}

Hi @Osangu_Fritzel

Thank you for Choosing Flutterwave.

Please for any future enquires you may have regarding API services, kindly share the specific endpoint used, a sample of your request payload, and the response received.

For you enquire above, i would a little more information to assist. please kindly share the following:

  1. Endpoint: (eg. “”)
  2. Payload Sample.