React Native API Error

charge not supported for your country Nigeria, thats the error i always get even if i do not input anything into the field i get that error, if i add the test cards from the page i will still get that error so what can i do ?

Hello, I would like to help solve this problem, can you help give more context, by showing parameters you passed and the error you got, you can also join our slack dev community channel here:, to get real time help from developers in our community or from one of our Integration engineers.

Can you please resend invite ? it says the invite code has expired .

Hi @timothyscaping :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to us,

Kindly share with us full details of the actions taken, and error messages shown (if any) when you encountered this issue, for us to assist you better.

Note: The more complete information you provide upfront, the faster we will be able to respond and resolve.

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