Withdrawing from Wallet to Your Bank Account

  1. Under the “Wallet” tab, locate the “Withdraw Funds From Wallet”

  2. Select the wallet you would like to withdraw from and input the amount you would like to withdraw to initiate a transfer from your wallet to the primary bank account associated with your profile. (To add a bank account, see “Adding a Bank Account”). N.B: You cannot update your primary bank account details after adding it.

  3. Click on “Verify Account”, you would see a green pop-up at the top-right corner confirming that your account has been verified.

  1. Click on the withdraw arrow and confirm the transaction by clicking on the blue “continue” button on the next pop-up


a. Withdrawals cannot be initiated within 24 hours of funding a wallet.

b. Withdrawals on Barter attract a 250 naira charge

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Hi. Do you have a clue how I can unlink a bank account from my barter account?
I used the credit card from said bank account to fund my barter account in the past and now that bank account randomly gets debited by barter/flutterwave without permission, confirmation or authorization. This bank account in question is not mine so it’s very urgent. This morning the owner of the bank account complained of an unauthorized debit by flutterwave for ‘barter premium renewal’. This kind of access is scary. WHAT CAN I DO TO UNLINK THE BANK ACCOUNT, PLEASE

No wallet on my dashboard … I couldn’t withdraw… If there is another option kindly explain or you give the wallet link page and other pages you mentioned


Hello Good day everyone
I have fund in my barter wallet but the administrator has refused to allow me withdraw.
After I have shown them the proof of my fund
Please someone should help me.