How can i access the meta dictionary in my webhook?

I have written the code to make the payment and everything works fine, but after a payment is successfully completed, i want to grab some of the data in the meta and make use of it in my webhook, like save some data in my database using the data i got from the meta, i have tried accessing the meta dictionary using diffrent method all to no avail, the documentation is not even of any help as i cannot get the see how to return the meta dictionary back to us, if any one have any idea on how to go about this please share your solution.

This is some code that i have written
view to proccess the payment

def process_payment(request, name, email, amount, order_id):
    auth_token = "FLWSECK_TEST-9efb9ee17d8afe40c6c890294a1163de-X"
    hed = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + auth_token}
    data = {
            "tx_ref":''+str(math.floor(1000000 + random.random()*9000000)),
                "payment_reason":"To get a new web platfform",
    url = ''
    response =, json=data, headers=hed)
    return redirect(link)

This is my webhook view

@require_http_methods(['POST', 'GET'])
def webhook(request):
    print("Request Body ==============", request.body)
    payload = json.loads(request.body)
    print("Payload =============", payload)
    data = payload.get("data")
    print("Data =============", data)

    if data:
        order_id = data.get("meta", {}).get("order_id")
        print("order_id =============", order_id)
    return HttpResponse("just testing")

The order_id that i am printing is returning None