Custom metadata


So I want to integrate Flutterwave payment gateway into my Angular and Spring Boot application but I have a few questions.

  1. I wanted to know if it possible to include my custom metadata when initiating a checkout process? The reason for this is I will be including necessary information like the users address, an array of key value pair of Product sku and qty [ { “sku”: “…”, “qty”: 1 } ] etc.
  2. If question one is possible will the metadata be included in the webhook sent to my application?
  3. Lastly, is there a same repo (java) showing how I to implement retrieving payload from a request?

Note: I read the documentation and looked at the YouTube demo but unfortunately, my questions were not answered.

Hi @SEU_James

Yes you can include your custom metadata within your request payload. The notification (Webhook) we send will not contain the metadata you specify so you would need make the transaction verification call to retrieve the metadata.

As for the structure of the metadata, kindly follow the SDK specified format which is an object of key value pairs and not an array.