Issues with the tx_ref and the redirect_url with Flutterwave Standard

I have an issue with the Flutterwave Standard API call. I have 2 issues with the tx_ref and redirect_url fields

Status code 400
{"status":"error","errors":[{"field":"tx_ref","message":"Transaction reference is required"},{"field":"redirect_url","message":"Redirect URL is required"}],"message":"One or more required parameters missing"}

Here the JSON

      "name":"Yemi Desola"
      "title":"Pied Piper Payments",
      "description":"Middleout isn't free. Pay the price",

Do you have any ideas why I have this issue ?
Thanks for your help


your good question and interesting information but sorry i am not idea.

Where can i find my tx reference?

Hi @fleufleu

This issue has been resolved. please try again and revert back.