Payout sub-accounts transfer queues a new transfer but never updates the status or sends event to webhook

Hi @Adekunle ,
I trust you are well.

I made a transfer from a payout sub-account to my flutterwave main account. It returns a successful response stating that the request is queued. But when I try to get the transfer by ID, I still get the payload with status = NEW. Also, no event is sent to the webhook at any point.
This was working up until this morning.
Also, like I mentioned on a different thread, I can’t create payout sub-accounts.

What do you think is causing this or is there any downtime?

@Adekunle I think this works fine now. It might be a downtime from your end

But I have a question.

When I make a payment to my flutterwave account either through card, brank transfer, and other forms of payment, why can’t I transfer money from that account to a payout sub-account?

The transfer is initiated using an api, that has the below payload:

    amount: 1000,
    account_bank: 'flutterwave',
    account_number: 123456789, // barter Id
    currency: 'NGN',
    reference: `WLT_PAY_${new Date().getTime()}`,

And I always get a webhook response payload that looks like this:

    event: 'transfer.completed',
    'event.type': 'Transfer',
    data: {
        id: 422827,
        account_number: '39858393',
        bank_name: 'wallet',
        bank_code: 'wallet',
        fullname: 'PAYOUTSUB victor umeh',
        created_at: '2023-09-22T08:38:09.000Z',
        currency: 'NGN',
        debit_currency: 'NGN',
        amount: 10000,
        fee: 0,
        status: 'FAILED',
        reference: 'WLT_PAY_1695371887543',
        meta: { 
            AccountId: 2242248,
            merchant_id: '234000002242248' 
        narration: 'From Opeyemi Etiwe',
        approver: null,
        complete_message: "DISBURSE FAILED: Insufficient balance in customer's wallet",
        requires_approval: 0,
        is_approved: 1

Is there something I am missing?

Hi @Victor-mario_Umeh

Thank you for sharing this experience,

Happy the initial complaint has been resolved :handshake:

Kindly note that collections(Card, USSD etc.) on test mode do not get settled therefore you can’t make payouts(transfers) with the fund acquired via collections(Card, USSD etc.) on test mode, hence the message “DISBURSE FAILED: Insufficient balance in customer’s wallet” gotten from the complete_message field in your Webhooks response.

Your account has been credited with test funds for payouts(transfers) on test mode. Kindly confirm if you received them.

Hi @Adekunle

Thank you for your response.

I can confirm that I have received test funds and I was able to transfer to a payout subaccount.

Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it.

Just to be sure, if I transfer the fund from the payout subaccount back to the account, it won’t be settled right? Or will it?

Hi @Victor-mario_Umeh

Happy you received it,

As referenced in my previous message, fund transferred from your payout subaccount to your main balance should return a successful response but will not be settled in test mode.


Hi @Adekunle
Thanks for your help