List of Webhook event types

Is it possible to know the different list of webhook events that can be listened to?

For example, what kind of event is received when I top up a payout subaccount using the payout subaccount’s virtual account?
Or what event type is received when I make payment through the SDK using the USSD option, or the Bank option, or the Bank Transfer option?

I have searched the documentations and I don’t see where any of these are listed.

Hi @Victor-mario_Umeh

Thank you for sharing this experience,

The Webhook payload for PSA funding via Virtual account is very similar to the one sent when funding the main balance (eg. via bank transfer). However, the account_reference field returned from Creating a PSA will be included as a reference in the Webhooks payload for PSA funding via Virtual account, as this will help ascertain the particular PSA that got funded.

Please note that Webhook events for PSA funding are sent on request (You can send a mail to to request for this).

Hi @Adekunle

Thanks for your response.

chief good morning were you able to get the list of webhook event types available?