Webhook for incoming PSA not working only transfers from PSA

ive tried both live key and test keys the incoming deposit into a psa doesn’t return a thing from the webhook

please i really need prompt response on this

Hi @cybergenii

Apologies for the inconvenience

Compliance approval is apparently required to receive Webhooks for PSA (Payout sub accounts) wallet funding. Kindly send a mail to hi@flutterwavego.com to request approval for PSA wallet funding. Be sure to provide all necessary details/information ( Merchant ID and Business name etc) when making your request.


it took me time to be able to figure out how to read meassages here cause on white screen the details page is blank… ive made this request and the said PSA doesn’t come with webhooks for incoming transactions, when i transfer from the psa i get transfer webhook response. but incoming deposits doesn’t work at all

ive tried they told me there is no webhook for incoming PSA anymore, van you affirm how true this is? bear in mind i can create, receive transfers out of the account webhooks except incoming deposits