Payout Subaccount Transfer

Am using using the transfer endpoint to make a transfer between a wallet and a bank account, i provided the debit_subaccount parameter but i keep getting this error.
{‘status’: ‘error’, ‘message’: ‘Kindly select your payout source on the dashboard.’, ‘data’: None} and also what should be provided as the debit_subaccount parameter, the payout subaccount ID or account_reference

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Hi @ibk_the_brain

Please kindly update your payout source on your dashboard.

Steps to Change Payout Source.

  1. To update it, Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Under Security select business preferences
  3. Look for transfer preferences.

Note: The debit_subaccount parameter is the payout Subaccount id.

in the transfer preferences have selected api and dashboard before it still the same

am a little bit confused about the debit_subaccount parameter, based on the example provided in the docs the id looks like the account_preference, was that a mistake

The transfer is now working, i updated the transfer preference, thanks @Abraham_Olaobaju