Rave Transactional Limit

I need answers to these :

  1. What’s the maximum daily debit amount on RavePay when using cards for payments?
  2. What’s the maximum daily debit amount when using ‘Pay with Bank’ (direct bank account debit)?

The default limit for both are:
Per transaction: N50,000
Per day: 100,000
However, you can request that this be increased (subject to approval by our compliance team).


Please how can i increase the limit of the transaction?

Whats the procedure?

Please which of the plugin is actually yours.?

I can see two plugins on the wordpress plugins page?

Please drop a link to the main one.

For the one with the yellow logo, when i use it, it freezes the settings of my woocommerce plugin. How can that be resolved?

Hi @Petel_Digital Please kindly find the official Flutterwave WooCommerce Plugin here Flutterwave WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org