Need your help in setting up a payment processor website


I’ve read as much as I can find on radar and on your developers forum on setting up a payment gateway like Paystack to help our clients receive funds

But I need to find out more since one of our priorities is selecting an api who will give us good rates.

  1. What can you do for us as per advice and support?
  2. Would you advise us to use money wave or ravepay or even Paystack?
  3. Can we get better rates so we can also give competitive rates to our clients?
  4. Also if we are to use ravepay, can we also help our clients receive payments in USD?
  5. Do we have to register anywhere to run a payment processor?
  6. How do we add our own rates to the rates you give us and split the proceeds between us and you?
  7. How do we remove the transaction limit that currently applies on money transfer via moneywave? This is in case a client wants to transfer more funds than currently allowed
  8. If we want to help our clients receive money from their customers and also be able to transfer it maybe pay staff salary; do we have to integrate both ravepay and moneywave APIs for them to receive from their customers and transfer to banks of their staff respectively?? Can’t we achieve those two goals with one API? Which one would it be if its possible?

I have these urgent questions, could you please reply them or link me up to someone who can ASAP.

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.