Understanding How Ravepay and Moneywave works


I understand Ravepay is for receiving payment: I have successfully integrated the Rave Checkout Button to my site following the documentation provided,
below are some of the transactions made using the Test card provided.

but i am still having 0 balance
For Clarity is it untill I use my Main ATM Card before my wallet balance will be credited?.
I understand that Money wave is for Disbursing money to people i.e Wallet to Bank(s): Since Money Wave account is different from ravepay account, let’s say i have successfully receive payment via Ravepay,
Will the money Be sent to Money Wave, i.e From RavePay Account wallet to Money wave wallet.? So that I use my Money Wave account For disbursing the money.
please I need better explaination for the Process, Thank You



Hello @Jonesky

Can you take a screenshot of your wallet balance? This is on staging I guess and you are sure you are using the same test keys?

The Money you receive using RavePay go to your Rave wallet, this can be moved to your bank account at T+1, you cannot move funds from Ravepay wallet to Moneywave wallet at this time, you have to first move it to your bank account and then you can use it to fund your Moneywave wallet using your debit card or using a voucher. But we are working on making this available.

Please let me know if you need more clarification.

Best Regards



Thank You for responding Sir @Gondy I now get it. But my wallet balance is still not reflecting. below is my wallet balance, what can be the problem.