What is Rave Offline?

Whats Rave Offline ?
and how exactly does it work

Hello @sherif_coolchi

Rave offline is an offline feature for Rave, it allows you as a merchant accept payments offline, with integrated reporting on rave. Your customers would have access to 15banks through which they can use to make payments to you.

How It Works

Login into your dashboard and (Navigate to Account settings > Settlement accounts) to make sure you have a default settlement account in place, once you have confirmed that, navigate to the Rave offline page and click on opt in.

Once you opt in an Mcash code would be generated for you, you can receive payments using the Mcash code by getting your customers to dial (*402*MerchantID*Amount#). Your merchants would be able to make payments of up to N50,000.

Mcash Fees

With Mcash there are no transaction fees for amounts between N0 - N2000, and there is a N50 fee for amounts above N2000.

Would your Mcash transactions show on your dashboard ?

Yes, once you opt in and start transactions, your Mcash transactions would be logged under transaction history.

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rave Trying to activate Rave Offline throws this error.

Hi @One_data,

Sincerely apologize about your experience with using this feature, we work with our partner NIBBS to provide you with Mcash merchant codes to perform transactions without needing the internet.

We are currently working with them to fix this particular issue.

Still trying to get clarity on this. Where is the Rave Offline site? Each time a click a URL I am taken back to my Flutterwave Dashboard.

Will like to know the current status of this