Access to fetch at '' from origin 'http://localhost:3000' has been blocked by CORS policy

Hi Flutterwave!

I’ve been trying to consume some of your apis like the get banks api from localhost and on hosted environments, but i always get blocked by CORS policy. Any reasons why?


Hi @Kundwa_Bruno

The CORS policy error gotten above is as a result of your implementation being served locally.

Here are a few ways to prevent this error.

  1. if you are making use of an html file do not serve it . simply open the file on browser via the full file path.
  2. if you do need to serve your files i would recommend using services like Gitpod or Github Codespaces that are more suitable development environments.

@Kundwa_Bruno how are you doing, I am curious to know if you later found a solution currently facing the same issue even on the deployed web app.