How do I handle the Cors error I get while trying to pay for a product on my website?

I have installed django_cors_headers and done all the configurations needed to be done in my settings file to avoid the error but I still keep on getting the error.

and also, when I try to pay an amount as much as 10,000, it will only display the first two digits of the amount which is 10.

@Adekunle Pls, help me out.

Hi @Ayeni_Daniel_Ibikunl

Thank you for choosing Flutterwave.

The errors are as a result of your implementation being served locally.

Here are a few ways to prevent this error.

  1. ensure you are passing a locally accessible redirect url.
  2. if you do need to serve your files i would recommend using services like ngrok,Gitpod or Github Codespaces that are more suitable development environments.