API Remittance suppoer

Does Flutterwave API support transfer across borders e.g transfer from a PSB to a bank in US, CANADA, UK e.t.c, if yes which of the APIs can i use to achieve this.

Hi @ibk_the_brain

Please kindly read through the transfer section of the APi documentation. if you choose to use the PSA as the source of funds for your transfer simply specify the debit_subaccount parameter.


Sorry about my mistake, what i want to know is, is it possible to transfer to other countries bank with the transfer api, the banks api only returns banks in nigeria which means i can only transfer to nigerian banks right?

@Abraham_Olaobaju1 this is want am trying to achieve, i have two PSA accounts, PSA A transfers to PSA B, the user of PSA B stays in canada and would like to transfer his money from his PSA account (PSA B) to a bank in canada, would that be possible using flutterwave’s API

Hi @ibk_the_brain

Please kindly go through this section of the documentation for an example of international transfer samples.


@Abraham_Olaobaju Thanks, just what i needed