Send Money To Bank Accounts Globally Using Flutterwave API

Hi everyone, I’m a building a platform that allows professionals from any part of the to register on the platform and offer a service.

For the payment of the service, it will go to the business account first. When the professional wants to withdraw, we initiate a transfer from the business account to the bank account of the professional.

For example, with Paystack. I can only transfer to NGN and GHS bank account. I’m now considering Flutterwave & StroWallet Support Please I want to ask if anyone knows if I can send money or transfer or make a payout to a bank account belonging to another country let’s in Europe or North America in EUR or USD to GBP other than Nigeria. @here @channel @everyone.


Hi @Yusuf_Musa ,

Thanks for choosing Flutterwave.

The Payout Subaccounts feature enables you to create wallets linked to your Flutterwave account for your end users, consumers, or other entities. These wallets support payments across multiple currencies, specifically NGN, USD, EUR, and GBP. This means that you can use the wallets to manage balances on behalf of your consumers for online transactions.

Some of the key features of these wallets include:

  1. Real-time wallet funding
  2. Support for transactions in NGN, USD, EUR and GBP currencies
  3. Interoperability with withdrawals to bank accounts, mobile money, and other wallet systems.

for more info, please kindly read this