Flutterwave Laravel

I am trying to generate a virtual card from the web using laravel library, I modified the package @ GitHub - kingflamez/laravelrave: A Laravel Package for Flutterwave šŸ¦„ adding the virtual card endpoint.

$data = [
            'currency' => 'USD',
            'amount' => 5,
            'debit_currency' => 'NGN',
            'billing_name' => 'Example User.',
            'billing_address' => '333, Fremont Street',
            'billing_city' => 'San Francisco',
            'billing_state' => 'CA',
            'billing_postal_code' => '94105',
            'billing_country' => 'US',
            'first_name' => 'Example',
            'last_name' => 'User',
            'date_of_birth' => '1996/12/30',
            'email' => 'userg@example.com',
            'phone' => '07030000000',
            'title' => 'MR',
            'gender' => 'M',
            'callback_url' => 'https://webhook.site/b67965fa-e57c-4dda-84ce-0f8d6739b8a5'

        $card = Flutterwave::cards()->create($data);

Above is my payload and below is the response I got.

{"status":"error","message":"This request cannot be processed. Please contact your account administrator","data":null}

What could be the problem? Do I require extra permission from flutterwave to perform this action?

My flutterwave is a registered business account

Hi @Hopekell1 :wave:

The virtual card service is currently undergoing maintenance to enhance your overall experience. The error you encountered is a result of this ongoing maintenance work. We are looking into timelines and as soon as we can provide one Iā€™d share it here with you. Thank you for your understanding.

Still undergoing maintenance?