Payment plan update API not updating amount

I am using a payment plan for subscription based payments. If I want to update the plan, It does not update the amount to the new amount I passed to the endpoint. How can I solve this or is it not permitted as interval is not allowed to be updated??

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Hi @0XAnon

Thank you for sharing this experience

The **amount** of a payment plan cannot be updated/changed as the endpoint does not accept the **amount** parameter. The Update Payment Plan endpoint only requires three parameters, the **id** of the payment plan you want to update, the **name** of the payment plan and the **status** of the payment plan. The **id** is sent as a path parameter to identify the payment plan to be updated, while the **name** and **status** are sent as body parameters. Therefore, the endpoint only allows updates to the name and status of a payment plan. Check here for more information.