Please how can i fetch Bill payments total commission

I need how can I fetch Bill payment’s total commission using

“status”: “success”,
“message”: “bills retrieval successful”,
“data”: {
“summary”: [
“currency”: “NGN”,
“sum_bills”: 13978,
“sum_commission”: 419.34,
“sum_dstv”: 0,
“sum_airtime”: 13978,
“count_dstv”: 0,
“count_airtime”: 37

Im able to get this but i need to get for data_bundle, toll, power and others

Hi @Kolawoleosho

Thank you for sharing this experience,

In the response payload retrieved from the Get Bill Payments endpoint, the data.summary array contains informations on the the bill payment made with respect to the different currencies. However, it’s essential to note that there’s also a data.transaction array within the payload, containing detailed information about individual bill payments. For a comprehensive example payload check here.

Within the payload mentioned earlier, the sum_commision field represents the total commission received for bill payments made in “NGN”. If you wish to get the commission earned for individual bill payment such as Airtime, Cable, Toll, Data bundle, or Power, you should look within the data.transaction array.

Please keep in mind that the sum_airtime and sum_dstv fields in the payload represent the total amounts spent on airtime bill payments and DSTV bill payments, respectively. Additionally, the count_airtime and count_dstv fields indicate the total number of airtime bill payments and DSTV bill payments, respectively. It’s important not to confuse these figures with the commission earned for airtime bill payments or DSTV bill payments, as they serve different purposes.

Thank you so much @Adekunle , i need to know if there’s a way to get all those bill payment/network provider image or icon, or do we need to do that manually?

Hi @Kolawoleosho

Regarding the icons/images of the biller, it’s important to note that these are not made publicly available via the Flutterwave API’s. If you need these icons/images for your project, you will need to source for them independently.

Please keep in mind that every brand, biller, or payment type typically has its own brand guidelines that dictate the use of their branding assets. It’s essential to conduct your research to ensure you’re in compliance with their guidelines.