Regarding Rave Integration in Java

I need to integrate rave with java. How to do it , i didn’t find the integration in your website for java. If would be good if you help me with this.

Hello, can you tell me a bit about what you are trying to build so I can advice better on it?

I want to integrate rave pay in my website. My website is in java so i want to integrate rave pay in java so i want your help in this.

You can use the JS embed script to integrate rave in simple steps, see how to get that done here:

how can I add ravepay in android? It gives error while run app

Hi Moriam,

What error are you getting ?

You can also help log this issue on the Android git hub repo.


Can you please give the link for implementation of ravepayment gateway in android??

and which country it’s not supported and how much amount can we recieve or send through this?


Please tell me is ravepay support for Kenyan and its Currency because while integrate using Kenyan currency it gives response that currency not supported i have used KES currency code??

Hi Rabi,

Please see supported country and currency codes:

NG- NGN, KES (Card Payments), USD, EUR, GBP
KE- KES (MPESA account payments)

I want to check status of payment please help me!!!

This section of the documentation, shows how to check status of the transaction:

Please i need help i can’t accept international payment in my flutterwave account. It shows

"Merchantcant cannot accept international payments at this time"strong text

Hi @Williams_White

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Kindly share the name of your account and your Merchant ID.

We’ll remain on standby for your details.