triple-DES encryption using JavaScript

It is documented on flutterwave page that API parameters should be encrypted using tripleDES algorithm, but a function for encrypting with javascript is not provided. Is it advisable to use an external library to encrypt? If yes what should be used as the secret?

Hello @Omar_Mohammed,

Can you give a brief on what you are trying to achieve? For Collections, Rave is your guy.

If you have a reason why you are not using Rave, can you fill us in on it?


Hi! I’m trying to verify BVN. Can rave do that? @Gondy

Hello @Omar_Mohammed

Here is our Node.JS Library, you can use it instead.

Find 3DES Javascript library here if you prefer that.


I think I need both libraries. They work hand in hand. Thank you @Gondy

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Does the node library encrypt the details automatically?
because i keep getting a response of “error from bank!” @Gondy

Problem solved
i had to go live, and use my live api keys.
also had to pass ‘true’ as the value for BASE_URL_OR_PRODUCTION_FLAG
const flutterwave = new Flutterwave(config.API_KEY, config.MERCHANT_KEY, true);

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Alright @Omar_Mohammed

Thanks for coming back to confirm how you resolved this problem.


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