I got 403 Forbidden error when try to transfer using api https://api.flutterwave.com/v3/transfers

data: ‘{“account_bank”:“044”,“account_number”:“0690000032”,“amount”:1222,“narration”:“Kudi Fantasy Withdraw”,“currency”:“NGN”,“reference”:“17f18932-5ee8-4c48-a435-3194e2836d0b”,“meta”:{“iWithdrawId”:346,“iUserId”:“63e1f7f0d4cba4854b5fec1b”},“callback_url”:“beta-nodeback-dev.fantasywl.in/api/admin/withdraw/flutterwave/webhook/v1”,“debit_currency”:“NGN”}’

every time i am getting this error without any error message?

data: ‘\r\n’ +
‘403 Forbidden\r\n’ +
‘\r\n’ +

403 Forbidden

\r\n’ +
‘\r\n’ +

what are the reasons for getting this error?

Hi @Tarak_Suthar :wave:

Thanks for sharing this experience with us,

Flutterwave introduced a feature on the dashboard that allows merchants to add whittelisted IP addresses. Therefore, only requests sent from whitelisted IP addresses will be given access to process API requests for services like Transfers, Card issuing, BVN, and Bill Payments.

We know that this might be an inconvenience, so for merchants who are currently unable to get the IP addresses they want to whitelist, they could temporarily choose to pass as the whitelisted IP address. This allows API transactions to be made from ALL IP addresses. Merchants can use this as a temporary solution, and need to be CAUTIOUS when choosing to pass this.To enable this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Flutterwave Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings → Whitelisted IP addresses.
  3. Click on “Add IP Address”.
  4. Set the IP Address that you would like to whitelist. This only would grant access to API requests made from the IP Addresses that you have added.

Best Regards,


Hi @Adekunle
i am trying to find this option, but seems i cannot find it.
if you can help me here

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Hi @Tarak_Suthar

Thanks for sharing this experience,

This feature can only be assessed by the admin user of the account.

Kindly confirm if you are the admin user. If not, you will have to ask the admin user to enable the feature.


Hello, I also faced the same issue yesterday, tried to enter as the IP but I still get a 403 forbidden access error.

What do I do?

Hi @Muzoora_Barnabas :wave:

Thank you for reaching out to us,

If you are currently on Test mode on your dashboard, endeavour to switch to Live mode then go ahead to add the IP address (You will get an email confirmation for this action). Once the IP address has been added on Live mode, switch back to Test mode and retry the transaction.

Feel free to reach out If you have further questions :handshake:

hello @Adekunle
i have done what you have said, and withdraw transfer is done successfully however i am not able to get the response from webhook.
one more currently i am facing 400 error on every other api

how to resolve this?

Hi @Tarak_Suthar

Thank you for sharing this experience with us,

Kindly share your request payload for the transaction above. Furthermore, for the Webhooks issue, endeavours to check your Webhooks preferences on your dashboard.

PS: Be sure to hide any sensitive information when sharing the payload.


@Adekunle here, if you can check, currently test mode is on

Hi @Tarak_Suthar

Kindly confirm from the “Headers” menu that “Content-Type” is set to “application/json”


Hi @Tarak_Suthar

Kindly uncheck “Authorization” in the Header menu and Navigate to the “Authorization” menu and select “Bearer Token”. A “Token” input field will pop-up, then you can add your “Secret key”.

You can then retry the request after the above steps.

getting forbidden 403 now, i am in test mode.
can you check @Adekunle

Hi @Tarak_Suthar

Kindly check your notifications on the Top right corner of the Forum for a message.


Sorry to say, but you guys are making it more difficult for developers. I cant go live mode because some of the details to fill, i dont have them. I just want to build and test, why are accounts in test mode be this restricted? Shouldnt it be for live mode?

I should be able to complete ordinary simple payment in test mode, it shouldnt be this stress

Hi @Emmanuel_C_O_Peters :wave:,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and I apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing.

The IP whitelisting feature is designed to promote and cultivate a culture of security awareness among Flutterwave merchants. Going through this process in Test Mode is meant to prepare users for the importance of sending requests only from whitelisted IPs in Live Mode.

I understand that it may seem challenging to adhere to this process initially, but with time, it will become seamless and beneficial for all Flutterwave users. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need additional assistance.

hi @Adekunle still getting same forbidden access even though I whitelisted

Hi @Niharika_Joshi :wave:

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention,

To better assist you, Kindly share the following;

  • error message gotten,
  • the API endpoint you are trying to access,
  • the country you are currently making the call from, and
  • the environment the error was gotten i.e. Test mode or live mode

I will remain on standby for your response.

Hello @Adekunle

All i am trying to do is to call the pay endpoint: Flutterwave Checkout and i’m getting the 403 error.

I’ve tried all your suggestions here and i’m still having 403 Forbidden page after adding my IP address for whitelisting, switching from live to test and vice-versa while testing.

Please, any way out?