403 Forbidden Error Card Collections Error


Am getting the error below when i test on my server yet every thing works fine on my local pc. what might be the cause

I have whitelisted my ip both in test and live

Am currently testing with test api keys

data: ‘\r\n’ +
‘403 Forbidden\r\n’ +
‘\r\n’ +

403 Forbidden

\r\n’ +
‘\r\n’ +

Hi @Marvin_Kiseka :wave:

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Kindly confirm the country you are currently sending the request from,

Furthermore, ensure that you have whitelisted a static IP address (i.e. the IP does not change) as your server might be sending requests with dynamic IP addresses (i.e. the IP changes).

To view the IP address Flutterwave is seeing as the source IP of your requests, Kindly make an API call to this endpoint “https://api.flutterwave.com/v3/verify-ip” with your API key. If the IP address returned from this endpoint is different from the IP address you whitelisted it simply means the IP address whitelisted is a dynamic IP address, and you’ll need to whitelist a static IP.