International payment gateway. customers payments are being cancelled

Merchant ID: 100368180

(no errors just all cancelled)

I cant find any transaction reference only transaction id and flutterwave reference


Hi @Tony_Edeh

I apologise for the inconvenience,

The approval process is very much in progress and the account is currently undergoing further review.

I will subsequently update you on the progress.

Thank you please do update me when ready

hey any updates?
plus why the hidden verification process??

Hi @rgg_digital

Upon reviewing your account, I noticed that your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is incomplete.

To complete your KYC, please contact with the following outstanding KYC documents and request that it is sent to the KYC unit.

  1. Estimated monthly sales
  2. Proof of Address (Utility bill)

Once this process has been resolved, kindly request they log a new request for “International payments” with the treated KYC ticket above.

Please be aware that moving forward, all approval requests should be directed to These requests will no longer be addressed on the forum. It’s important to note that the verification process is not hidden; you are simply advised to send sensitive documents via email as they cannot be shared through the developer forum.

Thank you.

thank you for the help I will do so immediately