International payment declined shopify

HI there, we having issues receiving international payments, it says merchant cannot accept international payments at this time, kindly look into this.

we already raised the request through email and provide all the data but still their is no response from 14 days plz help us to activate it

Merchant ID: 00741769
Business Name:

Hi @rgg_digital

Thank you for sharing this experience

The error message gotten indicates that your account requires Compliance approval for International Card collections.

The process will kickstart right away and I will subsequently update you on the progress.

thank for you reply but someone from your team i s already in touch with me with email and my request is pending from 14 days so plz do it urgently

ticket ID is 140582209668538.

any idea how much time it will take

it been 4 days plz help me about it

Hi @rgg_digital

I wanted to update you on the progress, and upon reviewing your account, I noticed that your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is incomplete.

To complete your KYC, please contact with the following outstanding KYC documents and request that it is sent to the KYC unit.

  1. A verifiable Web URL/Social Media page
  2. Proof of residential address – must reflect name of person signing up
  3. Estimated Monthly Sale
  4. Operating license (if applicable )

Once this process has been resolved, kindly request they log a new request for “International payments” with the treated KYC ticket above.

Please be aware that going forward, all approval requests should be directed to as they will no longer be addressed on the forum.

Thank you.