Sorry, your card is not enrolled for 3-D Secure Payments

My customers can’t complete a USD transaction without getting this error message “Sorry, your card is not enrolled for 3-D Secure payments”. A couple of reports I have been getting from my customers are that they have tried multiple cards, but the problem persists.

I need help with this issue and I’d like to know if this option during checkout can be disabled. I am losing customers because of this, I’ve not been able to get a successful transaction USD transaction, only NGN transactions are going successfully.

Merchant ID: 100265991
Example trx_ID: flw_1698441372653c289cbecbe

I need some assistance, please.

Hi @Michael_Ilesanmi

The error gotten above indicates your account still requires some approval in order for your customers to perform international card payments. For this approval request, kindly send an email to Be sure to provide all necessary details/information (Merchant ID, Example transaction reference, screenshot of the error encountered, etc) when making your request.