Sorry, your card is not enrolled for 3-D Secure Payments”

This is the problem I face with Flutterwave Payment Links and on my website during the checkout process using Flutterwave’s Credit Card payment gateway. My customers can’t complete a transaction without getting this error message “ Sorry, your card is not enrolled for 3-D Secure payments”.

I need help with this issue and also I’ll like to know if this option during checkout can be disabled. I’ve lost a lot of customers because of this and since I started using Flutterwave, I’ve not been able to get a successful transaction.

I need some assistance please.

Hi @Jarad_Cannon

Kindly share your MID (Merchant ID) and a transaction reference (Tx_ref) for one of the transactions that encountered the error above.

I will remain on standby for your response.

I have the same problem also when customers try to make payments. Did you get any sort of help?

merchant id: 100454666

Am also losing customers because of this error. Any help on how to solve?

Hello @Jarzy ,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The error you encountered indicates that your account requires compliance approval to accept card payments.

Please note that requests for compliance approval should be directed to We no longer handle these requests through the developer forum.

When contacting Be sure to provide all necessary details/information ( Merchant ID, screenshot of the error encountered, Transaction reference of the transaction that encountered the error above, etc) when making your request.

Hello bro, I had like to have a chat with you . Please leave me your WhatsApp so I can call you